Targeting by Domain

You can choose where your flow appears under Display at your Settings page.

During your installation of Appcues, the embed script will be installed at certain domains. Oftentimes this includes a staging site, production site, and sometimes a beta site. These are your whitelisted domains.
If you've enabled Appcues through Segment, wherever you have installed your Segment script is also considered a whitelisted domain for Appcues.

By default you flow is set to any domain where your embed script is installed (regardless of the domain you've built and previewed your flow on). However, you can target specific environments to test or publish your individual Appcues by controlling your whitelisted domains.

Control your publishing by following this quick two step process:

1. Add all of your environments to your account settings

Add all of the domains you will want to target under 'Available domains' on  your account page. Use commas between each URL.

2. Point individual Appcues to specific domains

After adding your whitelisted domains, you'll have an option under 'Display' > 'On which environments?' in the Settings step of your flow. This will give you an option to select specific target domains and publish to your specific environments as needed. 

If you're testing your flow out internally first, follow these links:

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