Adding Media to Flows

Adding rich media, like images and videos, to your flows is easy with Appcues. Here's an example from our demo website,

Let's walk through how you can add media to your flows!

Modals and Slideouts:

After you've chosen which flow you'd like to modify, click the green circle icon containing the '+' sign to open the menu (below). From there, you can add in emojis, videos and images into your Appcues flows! 

Here's an example of what that looks like in a modal and a slideout:

If you need to add HTML, you can do so by hovering over the advanced section and selecting HTML.

Tooltips and hotspots:

The menu for Tooltips and Hotspots is also accessed by clicking the green circle icon. Feel free to paste in a video embed code or HTML snippet for an image into the HTML section. However, keep in mind that for security reasons, Appcues blocks scripts that are placed inside our content.  

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