Using Multiple Patterns Together

You can add more steps to your pattern by clicking Add Step at the bottom of your Appcues editor. 
There may a case where you would like to add steps of a different pattern, though, such as in these cases:

  • A welcome modal that connects with onboarding tooltips
  • A feature announcing slideout with guiding tooltips/hotspots
  • A tooltip tutorial followed by a slideout or modal with a feedback Typeform

In order to add steps of a different pattern you'll have to create 2 or more separate flows, 1 for each pattern type and section of your flow.

For example, if you would like your flow to look like: Modal > Tooltips > Modal you will create one modal flow for Modal A, one tooltips flow, and another flow for modal B.
If you wanted to create Modal > Tooltips, you would create one modal flow and one tooltip flow. 

When you have your patterns and flows created, follow these steps:

  1. Starting from the flow and pattern you want to show first, go into the Settings step
  2. Under Specify what to do upon completion, select Trigger Appcues Content
  3. A dropdown menu will appear: select the name of the flow you would like appear next
    1. If the select flow is set for another URL, select Redirect to a different page
    2. Enter the URL for the second flow: if it is located at another domain, be sure to enter the entire URL, including the http(s)://

  4. Repeat steps 1-3 to link more flows and patterns
  5. Publish your work. All linked flows must be live in order to give your users the full experience.
    Because your flows are linked together, targeting rules from pattern/flow 1 will be respected by all following flows.

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