Targeting by Form Responses

If you're using Appcues forms, the answers to your form will be added to the respondent's identity, allowing you to use that information for future targeting.

Use Case: follow up on NPS detractors and promoters.

Using Appcues to run a Net Promoter Score survey is a pretty common use case. Our customers have consistently found in-app NPS surveys to be far more effective than those sent via email.

Once you've published your NPS survey, it's a good idea to follow up with actions to leverage those results:

  1. Reach out to detractors (those who responded with a 6 or lower) to offer help and collect feedback.
  2. Reach out to neutrals, asking what would make their experience better.
  3. Reach out to promoters, asking if they'll be case studies or refer friends.

Since those users responded to your survey in-app, it's a good chance they'll be receptive to future in-app messaging. Using Appcues, you can send those messages to users based on their NPS response.

Once someone submits your in-app survey, the fields will appear in the user targeting dropdown under "Form Responses" like in the GIF below:

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the options in the dropdown named?
The name in the dropdown is taken from the label used in each field of the form. We recommend using simple label names to avoid really long or misleading properties. For example, use "First name" instead of, "What is your first name?"

What happens if someone submits the same form multiple times?
In that case, Appcues will remember whatever was submitted last.

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