Targeting by Language

Please note that language targeting will not translate your content and instead will target your flows based on your user's browser's language settings.

If your site or app supports multiple languages, you can create separate flows in multiple languages and show them to the appropriate users. For example, if your site contains Spanish and English content, you can create flows in Spanish and English and ensure they show to users in the right language without passing any language properties through to Appcues. 

To use language targeting for any flow, open the flow in the editor and go to the Settings page. From here, you can select a language to target as a property under Audience > Users with specific properties > Language.

Including or Excluding Dialects

For added power, you can choose to target just specific variations or dialects of a particular language. In the example above, we've targeted just Hong Kong Chinese. By searching "Chinese", you'll see all of the options Appcues allows you to target:

If you select the first option, "Chinese", your targeting will include all of the Chinese dialects. To be specific, select just the ones you want. This goes the same for all other languages we offer (English, German, Spanish, etc.).

To target more than one dialectic, just click Add Another and choose the next dialect. Be sure to specify if this is ALL or ANY targeting.

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