Flows Aren't Showing

If you have published a flow and are having trouble viewing it live on your site, there could be a few reasons why it's not showing. Here are a few steps you can take to quickly identify what's going on.

Preview your flow in the editor

Our preview function in our editor is the first way to determine if your flow will display on your site when published. To preview the flow, make sure you are on the right page view of where your flow should start and select the eye icon in the bottom right of your editor. 

If your flow does not appear (or doesn't display all the way through), chances are that your tooltips or hotspots have been placed on faulty selectors. As you place a hotspot or tooltip on your page, a blue box appears that will reference the element they are attaching to. If the CSS selector is (a) too general and used by other elements on the page or (b) not present at all times, your tooltips or hotspots will not appear. 

You can change the selector that tooltips or hotspots are attached to either by repositioning your tooltip or entering in a new selector.  Learn more about picking the right selector here

If your are able to preview your entire flow, move on to the next step in troubleshooting by checking your flow settings.

Check your flow settings

In order to see your flows live on your site, you'll have to meet all the criteria you set under your Target & Publish rules.

Double check Display settings that...

  • You are viewing your flow at the right page: if you selected to show the flow at a specific path, does the page you're viewing match the path you've entered?

    Note: When entering a path, do not include the domain. If you'd like your flow to show up at https://yoursite.com/dashboard you should enter /dashboard in the path field 

  • You are viewing your flow on the domain that your flow is published to
  • If you've already seen the flow live at least once, you've chosen "Show on every visit to matching page"
    If you set the flow to "Show only on the next visit to a matching page" but have already seen it live at least once, it will not automatically trigger for you again (even if you unpublish and republish) 

Double check Audience settings that...

  • You meet all the user properties required to see the flow: if you have the flow targeted to new users, are you using a new account?
  • Does your user property targeting match your properties exactly? This targeting is case sensitive. For instance, if you are is targeting users with the property Role is equal to Admin and the actual value of that property is admin, this will not match
  • If you are using "Just me" targeting you must also be logged in at my.appcues.com - this targeting is based off your Appcues ID
  • If you are A/B testing this flow, are you in the group is it set to display to? (Find out by using the debugger on your site)

If your flow settings match the account you are testing your flows with, move on to check your installation.

Check your installation

If the Appcues embed script is not fully installed on your site, flows might only load upon hard refresh or not display at all. 

Here are a few ways you can check your installation

  • Refresh the page. If your flow loads, you are likely missing the Appcues.start() call in your installation. Appcues.start() lets Appcues know when your URL changes or when a user navigates to a separate part of your site. It's a key part of installation so that your flows work seamlessly as your users explores your platform. Select your platform type here to learn how you can install the Appcues.start() call
  • If you have installed Appcues via Segment and can only see your flows with a hard refresh, you may need to add the analytics.page() call in your Segment installation. Learn more about this Segment call here.
  • Open up the Appcues debugger (Learn how)Add ?hey_appcues to the end of the URL your flow should appear on and load the page. 
    • If nothing appears, right click your page and select Inspect. Open up your console and (at the top level) type in Appcues.debug() and hit enter.
    • If nothing appears, Appcues is likely not installed on this page. You can share these installation instructions with your developers so they can install the Appcues embed script on your site. 
If you do see the debugger load in the bottom-left of your screen, check for are any reported errors.  Learn more about how to use the debugger and understand errors here.


    Still stuck?

    Write to us at support@appcues.com and we'll be happy to help! For the quickest support, please be sure to provide your flow name, a demo login for your site (we'll need to access your targeted page) and any troubleshooting details you might have for us.

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