Welcoming New Users

With Appcues, you can easily create a warm welcome with a personal touch to let your new user know how excited you are to have them on board. A welcome flow is a great way to add a friendly face and personality to your product, especially for touchless users who haven't gotten a chance yet to interact with you or your team. 

Think of your welcome flow as the first few minutes you spend with a tour guide at a new museum. If your guide took a moment to personally introduce themselves as a friendly and encouraging person, you likely would feel more comfortable asking questions and exploring at your own pace than you might if they just dove head-first into the tour.

An effective welcome flow appears as the first flow upon first login. It often contains:

  • A genuine and welcoming statement from your founder
  • A re-affirming statement of how your users lives will improve from your product (your value)
  • Expectations for what's to come. Are they going on a tour of your product? Are they going to be directed into their first Aha! moment? Are they going to be dropped into their dashboard? Let them know! 

Example: Welcome to Hive!

Format for the Hive Welcome Tour:

  • Modal 1: Welcome message with friendly image, company's value prop, and user expectations
  • Modals 2-3: Overview of key features (could include images, gifs, or video)
  • Modal 4: Action for user to get started

Example: Skycatch

*This is Skycatch's last modal in their series of welcome messages.*

Format for Skycatch team modal:

  • Closing modal with genuine offer and opportunities to connect via support links and feedback
  • Give their users two options: the first brings users right to a specific task and the second option takes users on a tour of their dashboard.

After your modals, we suggest creating a tooltip tour to give your user an overview of the product, especially if you want them to end with your Aha! moment.  Click here to learn how to connect two different patterns together.

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