Appcues Branding

Note: Appcues branding will appear on all Tooltips, Hotspots, and Modals for those on a free trial. All customers who have the Essentials package and above will not have branding. If you'd like to upgrade your plan or are seeing branding when you should not, reach out to us at support@appcues and we'll gladly assist.        

Branding Examples

You'll notice the 'Powered by Appcues' addition in the lower portion of the element when branding is present on tooltips and hotspots.

For modals and slideouts, you'll see the branding in the lower left side of the page when a flow is showing: 


All customers may see the Appcues quick launcher in the lower left-hand side of the screen, as this is not Appcues Branding. Select the logo to quickly access the Appcues Editor or Dashboard. To remove this from the screen, click the icon and select 'Hide'. Only those with access to your Appcues account will see this icon and it will not be visible to end-users on your product. 

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