Personalizing Your Flows

Use case: Personalize your user experience

Once you're sending user properties to Appcues, you can use them to personalize the contents of your flows. Here are some interesting ways Appcues customers have used user properties:

  • Using the customer's name in a message. 
  • Including the name and face of each customer's account manager to reinforce an existing relationship.
  • Linking customers to a dynamic URL that includes the user ID.
  • Adding tracking parameters to a URL or redirect used within a flow.
  • Loading a dynamic banner image based on the customer's plan type.

The possibilities are limitless, and there are two ways to do it yourself:

1. Use the "user data" dropdown

When editing a flow, use the dropdown to automatically insert the variables you need. Once selected, you'll see that it simply adds a "token," basically a set of characters between two sets of curly braces.

2. Insert the curly braces yourself (advanced)

If you'd like to use these variables in more advanced ways, like to change the source URL of an image, you can type the token yourself. Please ensure that there are two curly braces immediately wrapping the name of the variable you'd like to use.

3. Add a default value

If you aren't certain that a variable will have a value assigned to it, you can add a default value using the pipe character | and a value enclosed in double quotes ", like this:

Hi {{ name | "there" }}!

If the user has the name variable assigned, you'll see something like Hi Alice! But if no value has been assigned to the name variable, you'll see Hi there!

NOTE: User property values will not show up in Preview mode. To test your user properties, set your flow's audience targeting to "Just Me", publish your flow, and then view it live to see the user property values.

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