Build Guide - Regular - Feature Announcement (slideout)

Use case: You want to announce a new feature, but you don't want to interrupt your users with a large modal. Instead, use a slideout. Your user can still interact with your product when a slideout is present.

Indiegogo Example:

Format of Indiegogo's slideout:

1. An indication this is something new, like a feature release.

2. Information about the release.

3. Small and concise slideout, on which they chose not to include a picture.

AdRoll Example:

Format of AdRoll's slideout:

1. Image indicating change.

2. Information about change.

3. Link to the page with change. You can actually use an Appcues permalink here and link directly to an Appcues experience that will walk your users through this change. 

4. A "Learn More" button, which can lead to an Appcues walkthrough or a blog post/release notes.