Integrating with Mixpanel

If you are a Mixpanel user, you can integrate with Appcues in one click. The one-way integration sends your Appcues events and data into Mixpanel.   

Why integrate Mixpanel with Appcues?

After you've built a user onboarding experience in Appcues, you can track its performance in Mixpanel. Setting up onboarding, activation, and retention funnels in Mixpanel can also help you test and adjust your flows for these metrics.

What you'll need:

  • A Mixpanel account and Appcues account, both fully installed on your site and domains
  • Note: If you've installed Appcues via Segment, integrating Segment with Mixpanel will automatically integrate your Mixpanel and Appcues accounts. Do not enable both a Segment and Mixpanel integration: doing so will result in duplicate data. Learn more about installing Segment here.

How to use this integration

Once Mixpanel and Appcues are integrated, you can find Appcues data as custom events in Mixpanel. At first glance, you'll be able to see general events such as Flow Completed, Flow Started, Step Skipped, etc. If you'd like to view these events in more detail you can separate them by specifics like flowName or flowID.

Create your funnel

To see the effect Appcues has on your users' behaviors, create a funnel in Mixpanel to see how many users complete a desired outcome based on the Appcues flow(s) they view. In this example, we want to increase our users' activation event of adding a task.

To improve activation of this event, we created a flow called 'Add Task' tooltips. To measure the success of this flow, we can create a funnel that shows us how many users who started the 'Add Task' tooltips actually did add a task to their account.

Save the steps in your Mixpanel funnel to view your results.

Need more help? Check out this detailed post: How to Set Up Mixpanel Funnels for User Onboarding Success.

Disabling the Mixpanel integration

To disable your Mixpanel integration, return to the account integrations page. Hover over the Mixpanel integration and select Deactivate.

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