Testing Flows (On Staging)

Before publishing flows for your end-users to see, you'll want to first give them a run-through yourself. To test out your flows on a staging or pre-production environment, follow the steps below.
Ready to test on production?  Head over here for our best practices on testing flows on a live site.

Testing your flows on a staging or pre-production environment

  1. We always recommend installing the Appcues embed script on your staging or pre-production site so you can test flows without needing to publish on production.  

    To test flows out on staging without showing them to your devs or other teammates, target your flow to Just Me* or to your specific login. To do this:
    1) Navigate to the Flow's settings page (click the gear next to the flow's name on my.appcues.com) 
    2) Select Just Me*. If you'd prefer to be the sole viewer of your flow, choose a unique-to-you property (such as email or name) and set it accordingly*Note: You'll need to be logged in to Appcues to use Just Me targeting. This targeting will look for your Appcues ID, so anyone on your team who is logged in to both Appcues and your platform will be able to view these flows.

  2. Specify the domain where you'd like your flow to appear from the list of domains you've configured for your account. For help configuring domains, see our page on targeting by domain
  3. We recommend setting any flows you are testing to show every time. Flows set to show once can only be viewed one time per user, even when unpublished and republished.  

    To set your flow to show every time, under the domain targeting section, set your flow to Show every time.
  4. Publish your flow and you'll be set to view it on staging!
  5. Alternatively, you can view published flows via our permalinks. Once, you click 'Publish' a 'Share' button will appear. There you will find the unique URL associated with the walkthrough. You can access and test the flows as many times as you'd like via this link. Here's more on our peramlinks. 

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