Integrating with Heap

If you are a Heap user, you can integrate with Appcues in just one click. This one-way integration will send Appcues data and events into Heap.  

Why integrate Heap with Appcues?

Integrating Heap with Appcues will help you measure the impact of your flows. Set up onboarding, activation, or retention funnels in Heap to test and adjust your flows for the best impact on these metrics.

What you'll need

  • A Heap account and Appcues account, both fully installed on your app across the same pages and domains

How to use this integration

Enable Heap at  your Integrations page by hovering over the Heap integration and selecting Activate. 

Once Heap and Appcues are integrated, you can find Appcues data under your  Events category. Appcues events appear on a general level, such as Flow Completed, Flow Started, Step Skipped, etc. 

To get the most out of this integration, you'll also want to be tracking events from your own application in Heap. These events might look like User signed up, created project, invited user, sent email, etc. -- it all depends on what your platform is and what your users can and should accomplish within it.

Defining your event

By creating a new event you can specify which Appcues flow you'd like to use in your funnel. 

In our example, we want to get users to add a task in their account. To encourage them to do so, we created a flow telling them why and how to add a task. To track how many users created a task in our our demo app after seeing our flow, we'll create a funnel. We'll define the flow being seen as the event of Flow Started (Appcues). Then, we specify which flow tells our users to add tasks - in this case, it's LN Step 1

Creating your funnel

To measure the impact your Appcues flow has on your users behavior, define the Appcues event first in your funnel and follow it with the corresponding behavior.  

In our example, we've just created the 'Add Tasks' Flow Seen event. Since we want to look at the impact of that flow on the behavior of actually creating a task, we'll use that event first. Next, we select the event of Created Task. Created Task is a non-Appcues event and instead directly pulled from our platform.

Run query to view your results.

Disabling the Heap integration

To disable your Heap integration, return to your  integrations page. Hover over the Heap integration and select Deactivate

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