Previewing Flows

Before you even install Appcues, you can create and preview content on your site through our editor. It's possible to build and preview individual flows as the editors works like an interactive overlay on your site, but because of this there are also a few limitations:

What Previewing does:

  • Preview what a single flow will look like on your site
  • Allow you to interact with your page. You can:
    • Find and view hotspots/tooltips that are built on dynamic elements
    • Preview action-driven tooltips
    • Interact with form fields or embedded content

What Previewing does not do:

  • Show you content live on your site: you always need to have the editor open to preview unpublished content
  • Show flows that are linked together: you can only preview one flow at a time in the editor
  • Fill in user properties for content personalization (read more about personalization through user properties)

How to Preview unpublished flows:

  1. Open your flow in the Appcues editor
  2. Select the eye icon in the bottom right of the editor
  3. Click through your flow to view what it will look like once published
  4. When your flow is complete, return to the editor by selecting Click to Edit in the bar on the bottom of your page

How to Preview Live (and Linked) Flows:

To preview flows that are linked you will have to publish them to either your staging or production site. Don't worry, you can still view them before your users do!

To learn more about testing your published flows, follow these links:

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