On-Demand Demo

Appcues On-Demand Demo

This on-demand demo will walk you through the basics of Appcues: why it works, examples and use cases, how to build flows, and how to install your embed script.

Use the specific chapters on the right side of the video to view the content most relevant to your experience. If you have other questions, please don't hesitate to ask us at folk@appcues.com


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1) How does Appcues help?
2) Examples & Use Cases
   a) Welcome Tour
   b) Lifecycle Nudge
   c) Feature Announcement
3) How to build experiences
   a) Building a flow
   b) Targeting specific users
   c) Attach a goal to a flow
   d) Reporting/flow analytics
4) Setup/getting started
   a) Installation
   b) Flow design
   c) Integrations
5) Questions/support
6) Pricing/where to buy

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