Publishing Flows to Dynamic URLs

Sometimes URLs within your application can contains dynamic variables that are randomly generated or account related. Dynamic URLs tend to have one base structure, but include a string of letters, numbers, and occasionally characters that change based on user or session. 

For example, and are dynamic URLs: they look identical except for a unique string of numbers at the end of the address based on who is logged into your application.

Publishing Flows to Dynamic URLs

  1. Create your flow at one version of your dynamic URL (ex:
    Just note, these URLs must appear the same for your end users: if certain page elements are missing from some versions of this URL, your flow may not appear.
  2. In the Settings step of your flow, target and publish the flow to URLs that contain stable keywords:or publish the flow to all versions of this URL by using a regular expression (regex):While using “contains” is good for basic keyword matching, you may require more advanced targeting. For instance, what if you wanted to only target /dashboard/2392/view but not /dashboard/2392/? Matching URLs that contain /dashboard would result in too many matches.

    When this is the case, we can use Regular Expression matching. Regular Expressions (or "Regex") is a simple way of representing strings in a URL by patterns in its characters. Two common Regex operators are ., which means any character, and *, which means 0 or more of. Thus, .* means 0 or more of any character and /hotspots/.*/design would be a valid rule to match only the desired pages.

    Here are some other common regular expressions that come in handy when using Regex to target specific pages within Appcues:

    •  Any number: [0-9]+
    •  Either of two values: (Option1|Option2)
    •  Any word: [a-z]+

    For additional help with Regex, check out  this cheat sheet and this Regex tester

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