Why Aren't My Flows Showing?

There are a few common reasons a flow, or a portion of a flow, won't display. Here's a checklist of items to test in order to identify where your flow might be running into issues.

1. Am I installed correctly?
2. Am I targeting users correctly? 
3. Has the user already seen this flow?
4. Is there an issue with a specific step or steps?

1. Am I installed correctly?

Correct installation is the sum of a few things, such as: having the Appcues script on the page, tracking page changes, identifying users, and sending properties/events. All of these can easily be checked with the debugger. 

Learn how to check your installation here.

2. Am I targeting users correctly? 

The targeting engine in Appcues is powerful and there can be many variables going into whether or not a user sees a flow. 

The User Targeting Overview dives into targeting practices, especially the "Display" and "Audience" targeting. 

Also keep in mind that the user may not have the Property set the way you expect, and you can use the debugger from above to make sure the user's properties are what you expect. 

3. Has the user already seen this flow? 

You can check the Flow Diagnostics page to see whether a user has already seen the flow, among other reasons they may not be seeing it. 

Learn how the Flow Diagnostics works.

4. Is there an issue with a specific step or steps? 

The Flow Analytics of a particular flow can indicate whether a flow step is running into issues. Most often you'll find issues with hotspots and tooltips here since they need certain CSS elements to be on the page in order to display. 

Open the Step by Step section of analytics to see if there are any informational indicators: 

Still stuck?

Write to us at support@appcues.com and we'll be happy to help! For the quickest support, please be sure to provide your flow name, a demo login for your site (we'll need to access your targeted page) and any troubleshooting details you might have for us.