CSV Export Changes

Why are my exports changing?

On April 19th, we introduced multi-step, multi-pattern flows in the Appcues Builder (Chrome Extension).  As such, our flows, which used to support only one pattern (e.g. a  modal ) at a time, can now contain any combination of patterns (e.g. a modal, a tooltip, and a slideout), all automatically linked together.

Since our CSV's and Analytics are designed to report on individual patterns (flow steps) and the contents & forms they contain, we had to make a few changes.

Ok, so what's different?

We've essentially substituted the word flow in our CSV's with step.  A step can be thought of as one instance of an Appcues pattern in your multi-pattern flow.  As such, the following changes have been made...

  • flow_started has been replaced by step_started
  • flow_completed has been replaced by step_completed
  • flow_skipped has been replaced by step_skipped

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