Can I Migrate My Old Flows?

Multi-pattern flows are here!
Learn how to use our updated editor here.

Note: migrating your flows will not change your end-users experience. Migration is not required and we will still support single-pattern, linked flows.

With Appcues you can now create multi-pattern flows across URLs in one editing experience. If you are an existing customer with single-pattern, linked flows and would like to convert them into one singular flow, read on. 

Linked flows will not be automatically combined into one experience, but you can do so manually by following these instructions. 

  1. Open the flow you have set to appear first. 
  2. Unpublish to edit. You'll want to add on to this step so your new multi-pattern version does not show to users who have already seen the flow in it's old, linked state.

    In the below example, we'll open 1. Dashboard Slideout
  3. Add steps to your flow based off your previously linked flows. You might find it helpful to keep a word doc of copy from your other flows to paste into your new multi-pattern flow.

    In the example, we would add a set of tooltips. Then, we would add in a page change to the /accounts page to add in hotspots.Next, we'll add another page change to the /pricing page and then add in a modal.
  4. Match your styles. You can now apply styles on a per-group basis. Click on the group you're working on (tooltips, slideout, etc) to edit styling with the paintbrush icon.
  5. Target & publish. Your settings should remain the same unless you want to target this flow to a new user group.
  6. Unpublish & archive your old flows. Goodbye steps 2, 3, 4! Now we have one, easy to manage flow.

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