Targeting by Flow

In addition to targeting by page and domain and targeting by user properties and events, you can also target users based on their interactions (or lack thereof) with other Appcues flows. This could be helpful for a number of reasons.

Possible Use Cases

1. You want to show a user a flow every time they come to the page until they complete the entire flow. 

While more intrusive, you may want to use this onboarding method to ensure the has completed the onboarding tasks you've set up. You can achieve this by selecting 'Show every time the page matches,' and 'Flow' 'XYZ' 'Has been completed.'

2. You don't have event targeting set up, so you can use flow targeting. 

For instance, I know our action-driven tooltips onboarding flow will lead my user to complete their user profile, and now I want them add a teammate. We'll call your onbording flow 'Onboarding Profile Set up' and your teammate flow 'Teammate Invite.'

On your flow settings for 'Teammate Invite' you will use Flow targeting and say 'Onboarding Profile Set up' has been completed.

3. Your user has NOT completed invite a teammate flow and you know this is important for your free trial sign ups. 

You want to ask them why they never invited a team with a feedback form. Target the feedback form using Flow targeting 'Teammate Invite' 'has not been completed' then click Show Options 'In the last 7 days.'

4. You have a few different flows targeted to the same users on the same page. You want to ensure the order of the flows is how you imagine. 

By default, we will show your user the flow you've published most recently, first. Flows will show up to users in the order that you've published them, from most to least recently published. Flows that begin with modals and slideouts will also show before flows that begin with tooltips. To avoid this confusion, use flow targeting to ensure the order is correct!

5. You want to show your flow 1 week after they see the first onboarding flow. 

Use our Flow targeting and click 'Show options' to space out the timing of your Appcues content.

A few things to note... 

Modals: any interaction is considered "completed"  

Hotspots/tooltips: the user must view all before being considered "completed."

Our flow targeting asks you to specify which steps in the flow you'd like to target on. For instance if your flow is 2 modals followed by 3 tooltips, you can only target on the completion of `Flow 1, Step 2 (Tooltips)` or 'Flow 1, Step 1 (Modals).'

If `Flow 2` is targeted to users who 'completed' `Flow 1, Step 2 (Tooltips)`, only users who saw all the tips should be eligible for `Flow 2.`

We'd recommend targeting users who have completed `Flow 1, Step 1 (Modal)` instead of the tooltips to ensure they see the following flow.

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