Changing the URL of a Flow

If your website's address has changed (or disappeared) there are two parts to updating the URL for the flow. The first involves updating the targeting for the flow so that Appcues can trigger the flow correctly for your end users. The second involves updating the URL in our editor (Chrome extension), so you can load the flow there.

1. Updating targeting

If your flow is targeted to a specific page or domain, you'll want to adjust those if they are affected by your site's URL change. These should be adjusted on the Targeting page, as shown below:

This will ensure the flow is triggered for your users when they navigate to the new URL for your site.

2. Updating the URL for the editor

In order to load your flow at the correct location in the Appcues editor, you'll need to update it there. There are usually two scenarios here: the old URL you want to change from still exists or it no longer does. These are handled slightly differently in our editor.

Old URL still exists

If the old URL still exists, then when you load that flow in the editor you'll be taken to the old page. You can easily update this to the new URL by selecting the pencil icon (Edit flow details) in the editor bar.

This will open a modal with an option to "Change Starting Page." Choose this. 

Now navigate to the new location for the flow and select "Start flow on this page." Now the starting location of your flow has been updated!

Old URL does not exist

If the old URL for a flow does not exist, your browser will probably take you to an error page saying that the site cannot be loaded or reached. In Chrome it may look something like this:

Now in that same browser tab, type in the new URL for your site in the address bar and hit enter. You should see the new site load up with the Appcues editor. It will have a message that looks like this:

Choose the "start editing" option here. This will update the starting location for your flow to the current page that you're on. If you need to further adjust the starting location for the flow, follow the directions in the section above.

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