Widget HTTP API (Developer)


The Appcues API provides an HTTP endpoint for accessing all the content that a user is qualified to see.


The root URL for the Appcues API is  https://api.appcues.com/.

The URL to fetch the list of content is formed using your Appcues account ID (visible from your  Appcues account page) and the end user's ID (the first parameter to your site code's Appcues.identify()call), as follows:


Request Format

The user activity endpoint accepts only GET requests.

The request should contain the following query parameter:

url The URL of the current page the user is on. This is used for page-level filtering.

Response Format

A successful user activity submission will result in a response with status code 200, and a response body like the following:


request_id Request_id specified in the request, if any.

contents An array of content for which the user currently qualifies. Used internally by the Appcues SDK; safe for external users to ignore.