Saved Segments

Saved segments are a way to manage groups of users to easily reuse when targeting your Appcues flows.

Advantages of using saved segments over manual targeting conditions include:

  • Convenient reusability: you don't have to type the same conditions many times
  • Central management: you can browse your segments and update rules for all connected flows in one place
  • Easier collaboration: people who know the underlying data can create segments for others to use

Making a Segment

There are two easy ways to create a segment:

1. Via the Segments Page

You can access your segments on the Appcues Dashboard, via the Segments link in the main navigation bar at the top of your screen.

On the segments page, click "Create Segment" to make a new segment. The targeting conditions on a segment work exactly the same way as on a flow. To read more about user targeting, read our documentation on  Targeting by Audience.

2. Directly from Flow Settings

You can also save a segment directly from a flow you're working on. When setting up your audience for a specific flow on the Flow Settings (Targeting & Publish) screen, in the Audience section under "Specific users," you can click "Save as Segment" to name and save the rules you've set. The flow will then switch to use the segment you just created (see Using Segments below).

Using Segments

To use a segment you've created previously, from the Flow Settings (or Targeting & Publish) screen in the Audience section, choose "Users in a Segment" then choose the segment for whom you want the flow to appear. The flow will now show only to users who match the criteria specified in the segment, with exactly the same result as if you had set those rules directly on the flow using "Specific users."

Managing & Updating Segments

You can see all your segments on the Segments page, as shown above.

To delete a segment, click the ellipsis (•••) menu on the segment, then click Delete. Note: you can't delete segments that are connected to a flow. Please remove the segment from each flow on the flow's Settings page before deleting the segment.

To edit a segment, just click it. You can then rename the segment or update the targeting rules just as you did when you created the segment.

When saving an updated segment, all new targeting rules are applied to all flows which use that segment immediately. You do not need to republish any connected flows for the changes to take effect.

If there are flows connected to the segment you update, upon saving, you'll get a warning with the name of each flow that will be affected.

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