How Can I Start a flow from a hotspot or tooltip?

Q: How can I start/launch a flow from a hotspot or tooltip?


You have a new feature and you'd like to announce it in-app, but you don't want to be too intrusive. You decide to add a hotspot on your page that gives a little information about your new feature. You also want to ask the user if they'd like to see a tour to learn more. This way, you're not being too intrusive and you're allowing the user to opt-in to the tour.



You can use a variation of our 'Show hints' button to launch a flow (without a page reload) within a tooltip or a hotspot.

Add this code to the HTML editor:

<a onclick="'-FLOWIDHERE')">Show hints &#x27a4;</a>

A couple of notes:

1. You can change the text of this button by editing it directly in the code. You will also add any custom CSS for button design here.

2. The difference between our Show hints button and embedding this into Appcues is the onclick attribute (not href), also there's no "javascript" in there, just window.parent.Appcues)

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