Saving and Using Custom Templates

You can save and re-use content you build in Appcues by saving those steps as templates. This tutorial will walk you through the process of doing so. 

1. Hover on the current step and you will see a 'folder' icon that will have a save templates option

2. Name your new template.

Give your template a useful name. We will provide an image of the template for future reference.

3. Add a New Step.Once your template is saved, click 'Add Step' to launch the step creator menu. View your saved templates in the 'Saved' tab. Hover to preview and choose!

Rename, Replace, or Delete your templates

You can rename or delete templates at any time. We check to make sure that all your templates have unique names.

If we notice that a saved template has the same name, you'll be prompted to update the name or replace the other template.