Open the Appcues Debugger

The Appcues debugger is our most straightforward troubleshooting feature. It allows you to quickly spot the root of a problem, so you can get things working again fast.  

There are few ways to access it depending on where you are in the product. We'll list them all below:

From the Chrome Extension

If you're on the URL where your flow(s) should be showing, and you've already downloaded the Chrome extension, you can right-click the Appcues Chrome Extension icon and choose "Debug flows on this page..."

Please note: The debugger will not show the correct results if the flow builder is open. If the flow builder does get accidentally opened, not to worry. Simply close the browser window, navigate to the URL where the flow should show in a new window, and try the steps above again. 


From the URL

If you're logged out and not seeing a flow that you should be, you can add ?hey_appcues to the end of your URL and press enter.


From the console

Call Appcues.debug() in your browser's javascript console, our personal favorite method (see below for details).

Note: the Appcues status box below will stay on throughout your session until you close the panel.

To open your console use the appropriate shortcut below.

Once your console is open, you'll enter in Appcues.debug() in the open spot and hit enter to bring up the debugger.

Note: you may need to scroll down the bottom of the console log to see the space to enter the call

Now that you've got it up you can use it to:

Debug your installation

Get to the Flow Diagnostics

If you have further questions on the above, please feel free to reach out to support@appcues and we'd be glad to assist!