Excluding Users by Flow in your NPS Targeting

If you have previously used Appcues Flows to administer NPS surveys to your users, you can exclude those users from your Appcues for NPS survey.   

After checking off the checkbox shown above, you will see a list of your Appcues flows by step groups. You can select multiple step groups to build up your list of users to exclude in your NPS Survey.

You'll notice that these users will be excluded for X number of days. This setting will match the frequency cycle that you define under  After a user sees this survey, how many days later should they be able to see it again?

This will help ensure that users who have seen your Appcues Flows that were created for NPS will fall into the same cadence as your new NPS Survey.

Have any questions about this setting? Let us know at support@appcues.com