Targeting Appcues Flows Based on Users' NPS Scores

If you subscribe to Appcues for Product Adoption, you can use users' NPS scores as an additional targeting criteria. You'll get the ability to do so as soon as users begin submitting responses!

Targeting Basics  

In a flow's targeting criteria, create a new group clause, and then set so that it is met if "Any" of the sub-criteria are met. For both of them, select "Property" targeting, and then scroll down to the "User Satisfaction" section of the property selection dropdown. Select the scores you'd like to target (in the example below, we are targeting promoters, so we selected 9 or 10), and select "equals" from the operator dropdown.


If this is something that you do often, it might make sense to create Promoter, Neutral, and Detractor segments. To create a Promoter segment, target at scores of 9 or 10, for a Neutral segment, target scores 7 or 8, and for a Detractor segment, target 0-6.

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