Linking Directly to a Flow (Permalink)

Whenever you publish an Appcues flow, a permalink is generated. Permalinks are composed of the URL your flow was built with and a manual call to show the published flow. 

A permalink to a flow will ignore any targeting you've created, so no matter who the user is or how many times they visit the link, they will always see that flow. Permalinks can be used to email your in-app tutorials or guides to users, send flows to colleagues to test out, and to relaunch flows that are otherwise set to show only once. 

As a note, when creating a flow that is only visible via permalink  (aka a  link-specific flow), you can create the flow as normal. Before publishing the flow, make sure to use "Show manually" targeting so that it doesn't pop up when the page loads for qualified users. See our help doc here for more information on display targeting.

There are two ways to get a permalink:

To find a pre-made permalink:

  1. Click on the 'Permalink' button in your flow's Settings page, to the left of the 'Test' button.
  2. After clicking the 'Permalink' button, you will see this screen:

  3. Use the 'Copy' icon to give the permalink a test run. 

If you need to update the URL used for the permalink you can do so by following the directions outlined here!

To create a permalink:

Add the following to the end of any URL within your app, where Appcues is installed:


Be sure to replace FLOWID with your flow's id combination. This is the long string in your URL bar when you are working on a flow in the Appcues dashboard. It typically starts with -J, -K, or -L.

Here is an example of a flow ID in a flow's URL:

Your complete permalink should look something like:

Note: if you're using a hash in your URL you may need to adjust the permalink to formatting like this:

Permalinks with Dynamic URLs

If you're inserting a permalink inside another piece of Appcues content, AND you are passing the dynamic value to us as a user property, we can fill in the dynamic portion automatically.

For example, if your dynamic URL looks like: where 23249 is an account ID (recognizable by Appcues as a user property), you can append your Appcues flow ID to a URL such as{{account_id}}

If you have additional questions about permalinks please let us know by writing into