Checklist Quickstart Guide

Want to get your Checklist published quickly? Here are the basics to get you up and running. Watch the video or check out the written content below.


Direct link to video

1. Create/Edit

Head to the Checklists page to 'Create a New Checklist' or edit an existing one.


2. Styling

After you've given your list a good name:

  • Modify the primary list colors
  • Chose the position and text for the Beacon
  • Add your user facing header and description text

Now let's add some items to check off.


3. Add Checklist Items

Select “Add Checklist Item” to add additional items to your list:

Give each Item a name users will identify with. We recommend that the first item be checked off (ex. Create Account) to build some momentum.  Then set up what will happen when the Item is clicked:

Note: If you'd like a flow to show only when launched from the Checklist, set that flow to 'Show Manually'.

Go to a page:
 Add a URL that you'd like to redirect your users to.

Launch a Flow: select the Flow a user will see once they click the list item. If the flow needs to start on a specific page, enter the URL so Appcues will redirect users to that page before showing the flow. If the URL isn't important, just add the name of the flow to be shown.


Mark Completed When...

When the user matches: the best success criteria is the completion of an action, which can be tied to an Event. When that Event occurs the Item will be checked. You can also use the completion of a Flow, or a User Property as the success criteria.


4. Targeting

To ensure the right users will qualify to see the Checklist you can add an existing  Segment, or use normal flow targeting options. Then modify where they see the Checklist, with specific path targeting and environment/domain targeting, just like your flows.


5. Publish!

Nice work! 

If you have any questions reach out to