Calculating Your NPS Score Using Your CSV Export

Your CSV export will contain all of the events for your users who viewed and took your NPS Survey. When you analyze your results to calculate your NPS Score, there are a few things to keep in mind for your calculations.

Surveys Shown versus Survey Response

The nps_survey_started event indicates that the user was shown an NPS Survey, and does not necessarily indicate that they responded to it. For your calculations, you will want to use the nps_score event to count up your total NPS respondents.

Users with Multiple Scores

Users may choose to update their score with the "Update Your Score" option, which takes them back to the score submission form. When users submit multiple scores, you will want to use their most recent score in your calculations for the total bucket counts for detractors and promoters.

Users Over Multiple Survey Cycles

If your CSV export spans a timeframe that is greater than your survey's cycle, you will want to count your users' scores for each survey cycle if they were given the survey multiple times. For example, if your survey is shown once every 30 days and your CSV export spans 90 days, there may be users who have taken the survey up to 3 times. 

Their scores should be counted once per survey cycle in order to ensure that you are capturing the overall sentiment of users over that 90 day period.