Getting started with Appcues for NPS? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions as well as tips to ensure your NPS survey runs smoothly.

Can I create more than one NPS survey?

Appcues for NPS currently only supports creating one NPS survey at a time.

Can I use multiple languages for one survey?

We do not currently support multiple languages for NPS. If you'd like us to manually translate your NPS survey for you, please reach out to support. Please note, this will change the NPS language, but it won't localize it as only one language can be active at a time.

Can I integrate with Slack?

Yes, you can use our Slack integration to get your NPS results into Slack.  If you want something more custom, all of your NPS-related events can be sent to Zapier too.  With that setup, you could create a new Zap from Appcues to Slack.

Can I integrate with Intercom?

While there isn't a direct integration, you can send all of your NPS-related events to our supported integrations such as Segment or Zapier to connect to Intercom that way.

We also now have a Zapier Integration that can allow you to send events to Zapier to do whatever you need, including sending to Slack! Find more about it here!

Can I change the submit button text (e.g. "Ask me later" or "Update score")

We do not currently allow you to edit the "Ask me later" or "Update score" button texts. You can, however, update the question if you'd like to adjust the question to include your company name.

Is there a character limit for the user feedback?

Feedback responses are limited to 500 characters for now.

Why is the sampling setting so low? Shouldn't I use 100%?

We recommend a lower sampling rate so that you do not survey most of your users within a short period of time. A lower sampling rate will allow you to collect responses organically over time.

Can I remove the feedback request aspect of NPS?

No, we don't currently have a way to do this at this time.

Will NPS interfere with other flows?

No, other flows are given priority over NPS so the NPS should only show when a user is not qualified to see other flows.

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