Testing Checklists

Before publishing a checklist to your end-users, you may want to test it yourself to make sure that it looks just right. The process for testing checklists is very similar to the process for testing flows

In this article we'll cover:

Set up checklist targeting 

"Which page should we show this content on?"

Here you can specify the path(s) that you want your checklist to show on. For testing, there's no need to change anything in this section. You can simply set it to the path(s) you'll want the checklist to show on for your end users. 

"On which environments?"

Here you can specify the domain(s) where you would like your checklist to appear. You can either publish this to anywhere your Appcues embed script is installed or select specific domains.

If you would only like to test your checklist on your staging site or your production site, you can select the appropriate domains at this point. 

"Who should see this content?" (for testing, this is the important one!) 

Here is where you can set your checklist to only show to users on your team (i.e. no end-users). You can do this in a couple of different ways. 

The simplest way to do this is to select the fourth option: "Show only to users on my team."  This will look for your Appcues ID as a user property, so anyone on your team who is logged in to both Appcues and your site will be able to view this checklist when they reach the right page(s).

You can also target your checklist to your team by using the "Specific users" option. Here, you can specify specific user properties to target. For example, you could target to specific email addresses, as shown below: 

Publish the checklist 

Once all of your checklist targeting is set up, go ahead and publish the checklist. You can then sign in to your platform, navigate to a page where you expect the checklist to appear, and test it!  

Because of the targeting you have set up, only the people you want to see the checklist will be able to see it. 

Once you test the checklist and it looks good, you can change the checklist targeting configurations so that they include your end users. 

A few things to keep in mind

  • You will be testing the checklist as it appears for the user credentials you used to sign in to your platform. If you have already completed one or more of the checklist items, they will already be marked as complete. To test it as a new user, you would need to create a new user account on your platform. 
  • If one of your checklist items is a flow and it is not working, make sure that the flow is published and live on your site. If you only want to test the flow (and don't want it to be live to your end-users), you can follow the flow testing steps.

Handling issues

The Appcues checklist is a connector of content -- don't worry if you don't get everything right on the setup on the first time. If you are running into issues with your checklist, follow this order of operations for debugging:

  1. Double-check your installation. Can you see other Appcues flows? Can you launch the Appcues debugger (by right-clicking the Chrome Extension and choosing 'Debug flows on this page')? Are the correct events & properties being sent by your app?
  2. Double-check the target segment. Are flows targeted to that segment appearing?
  3. Double-check your URL and page targeting. You can use the URL testing tool to ensure pages match as expected.
  4. Double-check each item's completion criteria. 

Do you have feedback on testing checklists? Email us  feedback@appcues.com and let us know - we'd love to hear from you and use your thoughts to build an experience that works perfectly for you and your team!