Testing Flows Overview

Before you publish flows to your users, you may want to share them with your team or make sure your targeting is correct.

  • Test Mode: use test mode to test that the flow works as expected. You can share with colleagues that do not have an Appcues account. 
  • Internal Testing: test whether User Properties and Events are working correctly.

If you're not yet familiar, see overviews on User Properties and Events.

Test Mode

In order to test a flow, simply click the yellow "Test" button in the header of the flow's page. Appcues "test mode" allows you to quickly and easily test flows live on your site, just how they'll appear to end users. 

This will open a modal with a link to your test. You can share this link with your teammates, or use it yourself by clicking the "Open Test in New Tab" button. 

While you're testing the flow, you'll see a yellow banner at the bottom of your site. This allows you to control the test by restarting the flow, or simply ending your test session.

To test the flow again, you click the "Restart flow" in the Appcues test mode banner. 

To end your test session, click "End Test" from the Appcues test mode banner. 

Note: When you're testing a flow, audience targeting and frequency targeting are both ignored. This will allow you to test the flow as many times as you'd like and no matter what credentials you used to sign in to your product. 

Test Mode FAQ 

Q: Do the people I send a link to need an Appcues account to view the test flow?

A: No. Anyone with the link can view the test flow! No Appcues account required :) If the page in your product where the flow is located is behind a login, then they will need credentials to your product. 

Q: Is there any chance that an end-user will see these flows? 

A: The flow is only available to people who have the share link -- so unless you share a link with an end-user, there's no way they will see a flow that is being tested. End users will start seeing the flow once you publish it live to them. 

Q: Will test mode views count towards analytics on the analytics page? 

A: No. Only views of live flows are counted towards analytics, test flow views won't appear on the analytics page. 

Q: Will test mode views count against my flow view count if I have an Appcues trial account? 

A: No. Only live flows will count towards your trial views. We want you to test your flows freely -- and see Appcues' value through live flows to your end users, so test flow views won't count towards your trial flow view count. 

Q: How do I make the test link start on a different page? 

A: Change the "design URL" -- this can be edited on the flow settings page, right underneath the flow title.

Internal Testing

To test this way you'll need to be able to create new "fake"/"test" users and manipulate their User Properties. 

1. Go to flow settings

2. Set up targeting

  • Set up your targeting on the flow's settings page exactly like you expect to target when you publish your flow. 

3. Add your test user(s) to Audience

  • This is how we make sure your general users don't see the flow while you're testing. In the Audience section, add a property targeting criteria that only your test user(s) will have. 
  • Here's an example using specific email addresses the users will have:

  • You could also target with "Email *contains* @yourcompanynamehere.com", among other options. 
  • Ensure you're using the "All" setting so each criteria is connected with an "AND".

Tip: creating a Segment of "Internal Test Users" can save your testers for use across multiple flows over time. See the Segments Overview for more on creating Segments. 

4. Publish

  • Since the flow will only show to users with those specific emails you can publish and see whether your targeting is working with those users. 

5. Troubleshoot