Build Guide - Beginner - Lifecycle Nudge

Here are two examples of simple nudges you can give customers who have yet to complete key tasks related to your application. 

Invite a teammate

Many applications are better when an entire team is using them. In those cases, getting users to invite their coworkers is a key to success. 

Building the flow

Start with a slideout where clicking on the Call to Action (CTA) takes the user to the "invite a teammate" page. You can add a tooltip to highlight where they enter their teammate's information. 

Targeting the correct users

This is an instance where sending User Properties and Events to Appcues is very useful. In this case we use an Event to track whether a user has invited a teammate and only show the flow if they have not completed the task. Below we have targeted customers that created an account more than 7 days ago and haven't invited a teammate.

Additional Example

Just like inviting teammates, there are other actions users should take that are crucial to getting value out of your product. Here's a very similar example to the above, wherein the targeting we would substitute "Created a Task" for "Invited a teammate".

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