Strategies for a great Customer Experience

Customer Lifecycle Introduction

Every user goes through a lifecycle of different stages throughout using your product. The details of those stages will be specific to your product, but the major stages will be very similar. 

Read the Customer Lifecycle Introduction to get up to speed on certain terms we'll use going forward and learn the major stages each user will go through while using your application.


As discussed in the Customer Lifecycle Introduction, there are three main stages a user goes through while using your application. The following docs break down each stage into actionable content you can build.

  1. Onboarding and Education Strategies
  2. Adoption and Engagement Strategies
  3. Retention and Feedback Strategies

Additional Content

As you build content and look at results these docs will come in handy.

  1. Content Creation Best Practices
  2. Targeting Introduction
  3. Goals and ROI Tracking Introduction