Mobile: Installation Guide (technical)

Tip: There are two ways to install Appcues Mobile, either through CocoaPods or manually. We recommend using CocoaPods to install the framework.


Appcues Mobile currently only works for native iOS apps.

Before you begin, you need a few things set up in your environment:

  • Xcode 10.1 or later
  • Deployment target 9 or above
  • The app must have bitcode enabled

Add Appcues Mobile to your App with CocoaPods

1. Add the internal CocoaPod to your pod repositories. In the terminal, write 

pod repo add appcuesmobile-cocoapods

To double check that the internal  CocoaPod have been added to your pod repositories, in the terminal write

pod repo

You should now be able to see the pod repository in the terminal

2.  Add the internal CocoaPod source to the top of your Podfile

source ''
source ''

target 'Your Target' do
pod 'Appcues'

3. Go to the directory where your pods are in your project. In the terminal, write

pod install

Add Appcues Mobile to your App Manually

  1. Download Appcues Mobile here
  2. Go to the Project Inspector in your app and tap the General tab. Scroll down to Embedded Binaries and click the + button and then Add Other
  3. A Finder window will drop down, select Appcues.framework. You’ll notice that the project was added to the Project Navigator
  4. Build to make sure that Xcode is actually referencing to it

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