Mobile: Initialization

Prerequisite: Properly installed Appcues manually or via cocoapods. If you haven't installed go to the installation doc which outlines how to do this. 
  1. Go to your  AppDelegate  class 
  2. If you have the library properly installed you can then  Import Appcues 
  3. In the  didFinishLaunchingWithOptions()  method add the two methods 
  4. Add Appcues.Enable() : This method initiates the synchronization between the Appcues iOS SDK and the Appcues API. 
  5. Add  Appcues.enableEditorFor(keyWindow:UIWindow?) and input the window in the keyWindow parameter. 
    • The enableEditorFor(keyWindow:UIWindow?) is where we trigger login screen when an admin want to access the Appcues in app editor. 

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