Mobile: Welcome and Getting Started

Our mission

Welcome to Appcues! Our mission is to help teams like yours build products that people love. We do that by giving non-technical folks the tools to create personalized experiences that improve user onboarding and activation while allowing engineers to focus on building the core functionality of the product for the long term.

How Appcues works

Appcues works by adding some code to your app that allows our application to identify your users, judge what content they should see (based on settings you create), and show that content on top of your screens.

Getting Started

The following information will help ensure you have Appcues implemented property.

  1. Create an account / Join an account
    • We assume you’ve created an account already, but if not register here.
    • If your team has an account, an admin can invite you from the Team page. Email them this URL (
  2. Install Appcues on your site
    • Installation Overview
    • Installing Appcues allows you to show content (ie, modals and tooltips, etc.) live to your users. It’s also how you send targeting information (User Properties and Events) to Appcues so you can reach the right people at the right time.
  3. Create Themes
    • Themes page
    • Your Appcues Flows should look like your application, not ours. With Themes you can set colors, button styles, fonts, and more.
    • Have a dedicated designer? Invite them to your team.
  4. Strategize and start building!

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