Mobile: iOS Installation Overview

What is “installation”?

Appcues can show flows on top of your app once correctly installed in your app. By adding the Appcues iOS SDK into your app and submitting it to the App Store and/or Test Flight, targeted users would be able to see flows (modals and/or tooltips) with your content.

Installation Process

  1. Determine user properties to send to Appcues
    • user properties can be described as nouns and are things like name, email address, role, created date, etc.
    • See the User Properties Overview for assistance
  2. Determine events to send to Appcues (optional to start)
    • Events can be described as verbs and are things like “logged in”, “invited a teammate”, etc.
    • See the Events Overview for assistance
  3. Install Appcues!
    • If you’re not technical, invite a developer to help you with the installation process

    1. Add Appcues Mobile to your App (REQUIRED)
    2. Initialize Appcues Mobile in your App (REQUIRED)
    3. Identify Screens in your App (REQUIRED)
    4. Identify Users in your App (REQUIRED)
    5. Identify Screen Elements in App (REQUIRED)
    6. Send Custom Events to Appcues (OPTIONAL)

  4. Check your work

    • See your User Properties and Events in Settings, note that you need to have the library installed in your app and initiate the Appcues installed library.

How does Appcues work once installed?

Appcues will show your published flows to targeted audiences based on conditions that you set. Conditions can include any combination of screens, device type, user properties, events completed and more.

Appcues will capture user properties and events that you choose to send to us. This information is what you'll use for audience targeting so that your flows will show to the right person at the right time