Mobile: User Properties Overview

What are User Properties?

User Properties are the “adjectives” that describe your users. Examples include things like Name, Email Address, Company, Role, Created Date, etc.

Why send User Properties to Appcues?

One of the powerful features of Appcues is the ability to very specifically target users based on who they are or where they are in their  customer lifecycle. For example, you may want to target “new marketing admins”, for which you would need to know “created date”, “role”, and “team”. All of these are User Properties you can send to Appcues.

How do I send User Properties?

Check out the Sending  User Properties Guide (technical) document.

Where can I see which User Properties I’m sending?

They’re all listed on the  Events and Properties page in Settings. Note that at least one user needs to have been identified with a particular User Property to have the property show on this page.

Which User Properties should I send?

Here’s a set of recommendations to start sending first. You can add more later as needed, but (as you may know) developer time can be hard to come by.

Recommended / Necessary

Property Reasoning
First Name For personalizing content.
Last Name Also for personalizing content (but more optional).
Email Address Can be used for various identification.
Created Date (user) For knowing how long a user has been using your product.
Company Name For personalizing content.
Plan Type  Example: trial, paid. Used for lifecycle targeting.
Plan Tier Example: standard, enterprise.
Role Example: admin, standard. However you differentiate permissions.

Additional / Optional

Property Reasoning
Team Example: marketing, sales. Or any other way you segment your users.
Location Example: state, zip, country, etc (use multiple properties). Target on where your customer lives.
Version If users can be on different version of your application they may need to see different content.
Beta User / Feature Flags To communicate with users who have access to certain features.
Language For multi-language applications.
Renewal Date To remind users to renew. This is generally an account level property that is added to each user.