Mobile: Sending User Properties Guide (technical)

This article is intended for developers implementing Appcues. See the User Properties Overview for a higher level explanation.

Required properties

The only requirement is to send a user ID as the first argument to Appcues.identify().

Recommended Attributes

See the User Properties Overview for recommendations.

Adding User Attributes

If you haven't installed Appcues, adding Events is covered in the  Mobile Installation Guide (technical) and you should start there. 

1. First import the Appcues module.


import Appcues 


@import Appcues; 

2. Create an AppcuesUser 

3. Define User ID: Each of your users must have a unique ID associated with them. You can define this in any way you'd like (i.e. email, unique Identifier code, etc.). Whatever the unique ID is all you need to do is set the id property in the  AppcuesUser as such. 

4. Attributes: These are any user attributes you'd like to target on like first name, last name, position, age, etc.

5. Once you set the ID and all the attributes you'd like to target on, you can then call the Appcues.identify with the AppcuesUser

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