Troubleshooting Steps Not Shown & Errors

There are a few common reasons why a flow step may not show to a user. The following covers the most common reasons and how to determine why a flow step is not showing. 

First step: locating which step or steps aren't showing

Within the Flow Analytics page is a step-by-step breakdown of a flow, which includes how many times each step was shown, not shown, and completed.

If you don't see this, check whether you have selected a version from the version dropdown. Because versions may change the number of steps or order, Appcues only shows step-by-step information by version. 

Identifying why a step isn't showing

Incorrect selector

This is a great place to start. If you load the item (e.g., the tooltip) in the Appcues Builder and get the following yellow circle alert it means the tooltip can't find the element on the page it is set to attach to: 

You can view the element the tooltip is looking for in the settings sidebar:

The element was not found on the page

This reason accounts for most instances of a step not showing, and generally applies to tooltips and hotspots. 

Do certain users have access to different information/elements? 

For example, some items are only visible to administrators. If a tooltip is attached to one of those items Appcues won't show the tooltip to non-administrators. 

Was there an update to your application? 

For example, the engineering team may have removed the piece of CSS that was used to attach the tooltip.

Is your CSS dynamically generated? 

The selector chosen for the tooltip might be too specific, meaning there are parts of the CSS that are different depending on things like the size of the browser window