Organizing Flows Using Tags

In some cases, you may need to tag flows for easier sorting & filtering. In this article, we'll cover how to:

Creating new tags

To create a new tag while on the Flows page, click Manage Tags on the top right of the screen. 

The pop-up window will allow you to search for existing tags or create a new tag. Click Create Tag and a new tag input will appear. 

Fill it out and click the green checkmark to save it. When you're done, simply select done and your tag will be available for use.

Adding Tags to a Flow

First, enter into list view by selecting the right side icon on the top right of the Flows page:

Once in this view, your flows will display the tags assigned to it. Hover over the tag icon and an "add" icon will appear. After clicking on the add icon,  you'll trigger a dropdown to select the tags you have created as well as any default tags:

Once a tag is selected, it will auto-save to your flow!

Removing a Tag from a Flow  

In order to remove a tag from a flow, enter panel view and hover over the tag you'd like to remove, then click X to delete it:

Note, that in order to fully remove the tag as an option, you must delete the tag in the Manage Tags section.