Best Practices for Managing your team in Appcues

As your internal teams begin working together to build out your Appcues flows, it’s important to consider how your team, and your flows, will stay organized in a way that’s clear and makes sense. Here are some best practices for using Appcues across teams!  

  • Establish one "Appcues Lead" per team. The person will be responsible for all campaigns/flows for the team, managing their teammates, and ensuring their content plays well with others. 
  • Embrace the "Tag" system.  Use tags for the different teams, and have them "tag" their flows accordingly. Create a tag for "Production" and "QA/Test" to keep track of where your flows are within the publishing process. Create a tag for lifecycle, so you can easily see which flows are geared toward different audiences, such as "trialer", "paid users" or "advanced user". Using tags will allow your team to easily sort and see only the flows that are useful to them. 
  • Create a (required) naming convention for flows. Being able to easily read a flow's title and know what it is can increase your team's efficiency within Appcues and keep your content organized. Consider creating a naming convention that all users will adopt to keep consistency across teams, such as [SURVEY]Usability task survey: Understand Analytics (Feb18) (Tristan). 
  • Determine a process for requesting new flows to be created. For example, when someone wants to build/publish a new flow, use a Typeform to collect details about the proposed flow (what, who, where and why). The Appcues owners can manage the submissions, ultimately determine whether to approve or deny the requested flow, and help manage the next steps for the proposed flow. 
  • Create a common place to discuss Appcues. Try using a slack channel, wiki-style page, or internal system to collaborate with other team leads. For example, our Growth Team (who own Appcues) have a channel specific to this topic where they'll post "Hey, I'm going to publish X flow to Y segment tomorrow. Let me know if you have any objections or want to provide feedback ahead of launch". 
  • Create an excel doc to track all flows that are in development, live, and archived, assigned with corresponding details such as flow name, flow goal & success metric, targeted audience, POC, date/timeline. Having a central place to see the content in progress, live or executed previously, along with their corresponding goals is a great resource not just for you, but for anyone in your company who wants to see a snapshot of what's going on in Appcues. 

    [Appcues Team DocTemplate] - Click here to make a copy and share this with your team to track your flows.

Have a suggestion of ways Appcues could make things easier within the product or things that have worked for your team in the past? Shoot us an email at and let's chat!

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