FAQ: Test Mode

FAQs on Test Mode. Test mode allows teammates to review your flows in a live environment, without requiring them to log in to Appcues or install the Appcues Builder.

Q: Do the people I send a link to need an Appcues account to view the test flow?

A: No. Anyone with the link can view the test flow! No Appcues account required :) If the page in your product where the flow is located is behind a login, then they will need credentials to your product. 

Q: Is there any chance that an end-user will see these flows? 

A: The flow is only available to people who have the share link -- so unless you share a link with an end-user, there's no way they will see a flow that is being tested. End users will start seeing the flow once you publish it live to them. 

Q: Will test mode views count towards analytics on the analytics page? 

A: No. Only views of live flows are counted towards analytics, test flow views won't appear on the analytics page. 

Q: Will test mode views count against my flow view count if I have an Appcues trial account? 

A: No. Only live flows will count towards your trial views. We want you to test your flows freely -- and see Appcues' value through live flows to your end users, so test flow views won't count towards your trial flow view count. 

Q: How do I make the test link start on a different page? 

A: Change the "Build URL" -- this can be edited on the flow settings page, right underneath the flow title.

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