Using Appcues and Zapier

Zapier is an automation platform that makes connecting the different products you use easy. Use Zapier to automate repetitive tasks, or to trigger changes in one platform based on new information in another.

This article covers:

How to use Appcues with Zapier

While this integration is in beta, to start please fill out this form. Once complete, you'll receive a link to add Appcues as an option to your Zapier account.

Once you're set up, you can use Appcues as a trigger or an action

  • Triggers are what starts the workflow (for example, when a new NPS survey is submitted). 
  • Actions are what completes the workflow (for example, update a user property when the user opens an email).

To use Appcues as a trigger

It's really easy to get started. First, make a new zap.

Next, select Appcues from the Trigger list. Select the type of event you'd like to trigger on, like "Custom Event Fired".

Add your Action step (like Google Sheets, for adding user info to a spreadsheet, or HubSpot, for adding the user who triggered the custom event to a mailing list). You're ready to go!

Note: Zapier will pull in example data to show you what a query from your Appcues account would look like. Real data from your account, such as users' names and event names, is used here. However, this data does not necessarily reflect actual events that occurred in your flows. They are example queries.

To use Appcues as an action

Within an existing zap that includes information you want to pass to Appcues, add a new action step, and select Appcues from the list.

What's supported in the integration

We currently support the following actions:


  • NPS score submitted: when a user submits a new NPS score.
  • NPS feedback submitted: specifically when a user submits feedback with an NPS score.
  • Custom form submitted: when a user submits a custom form in an Appcues flow.
  • Custom event triggered: when a custom event is triggered (like clicking a custom button or using `Appcues.track()`
  • Flow started: when a flow is started for a user.
  • Flow completed: when a flow is completed for a user.
  • All internal events: catch-all for all Appcues default events (like `flow completed`, `step interacted`, etc.)


  • Send event: send a custom event into Appcues with user data.
  • Update user profile: update a specific user profile with new attributes.

Use case inspiration

Zapier is an exciting platform to partner with, because it opens the door for connecting Appcues data to over 1,500 apps! Here's some of the use cases customers are already using:

  • Push NPS data into Slack, so the whole team can ride the emotional rollercoaster of customer feedback.
  • Push NPS scores and feedback into Airtable, so you can manipulate the data.
  • Push Typeform response into Appcues user properties.
  • Create new cards on Trello board with responses to Appcues form.
  • Send an email through Mailchimp, HubSpot,, and many other platforms to follow up on NPS feedback.
  • Update a record in HubSpot CRM when a user completes a flow.