Testing Your Appcues Implementation

Once you've installed the Appcues embed script, you can begin publishing flows to your live site. Not sure if you're installed? Here's how to check.

Testing your Appcues Embed Script

To test your implementation, go to any page where you have installed the embed script and append ?hey_appcues to the URL, as such:

Refresh the page. If Appcues is installed correctly, our debugger widget will appear:

As you navigate through your app, the debugger will watch for URL changes and show whether Appcues has checked each one. If you are having trouble getting an Appcues experience to appear in your application, make sure that Appcues is being started on the page you are targeting. 
Note: If you're working with a single-page app and noticing that Appcues is not tracking page changes, you may have to call Appcues.page(). Learn more about that here.

The widget will also tell you which user properties are being sent to Appcues. Just click on "Users Identified" and you can see the full list: 

Testing the Appcues Content you Build

The easiest way to test how the content you build will look in your product is to publish an experience and view it live. A few tips for testing:

  • Use whitelisted domains to only target your staging environment. This way you can ensure nobody in your production environment will see the Appcues content you are testing live. 
  • Want another level of protection? Set up the targeting criteria to only show to your email address. That way you can ensure other users (or your colleagues) won't be bothered.
  • If you are iterating on an Appcues experience and want to test it multiple times, make sure to set it to "Show every time". Otherwise, the targeting rules will recognize when you see the Appcue the first time and you won't be able to test it more than once. 

Do you need help with testing your Appcues content? Shoot us an email!

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