Growth Lab: Run in-app webinar campaigns with Appcues + GoToWebinar

The Growth Lab

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Appcues + GoToWebinar

Instead of driving attendees with the standard channels (think email, ads, and marketing campaigns), engage prospects when they’re most likely to convert. 

In-product communications convert significantly better than email. With Appcues, you can publish webinar campaigns in your product, when users are already thinking about your brand and subject matter. 

What metric will this impact?

MQL’s, webinar attendees, trial conversion, pipeline generation. 

Time estimate

1 Hour (30 min to create your webinar, 20 min to create your Appcues content, 10 min for targeting)

Tools needed

Optional: CRM/MA

How does this work?

In GoToWebinar, create a new campaign.

In the Registration section, create a Source with the Source Tracking option.

Copy the link address (or at least remember where it is), you'll use this when creating your Appcues content. 

Remember to make any other changes to the event you normally would, such as branding, logos, reminder emails, etc.

In Appcues, follow this Build Guide for an Announcement to create your content.

The guide above has targeting suggestions, and here's another one as an example for "target users in trial owned by Jack Moberger".

In the guide, the section where you add a custom button is where you would enter the link address we created in GoToWebinar.

Publish your flow and watch the registrants roll in!