Growth Lab: Role-specific onboarding with Appcues + Salesforce

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Appcues + Salesforce

If you already know a user's department in Salesforce, why ask them again in Appcues? Pull their department from Salesforce and provide a more personalized onboarding experience based on their profile and likely interests. 

What metric will this impact?

Activation and retention. Faster, easier time-to-value increases your chances of engaging a user and retaining them for a longer period of time.

Time estimate

This project is more involved because you will be creating specific onboarding experiences for multiple profiles. You can estimate that it will take a few hours per profile to build their experience. Setting up salesforce and targeting users should take less than an hour. 

Tools needed


How does this work?

From Salesforce, you'll need the "department" or "role" field on the user object/profile. Then in Appcues we'll build the onboarding content. 

In Appcues, build out an onboarding experience for your users and include specific content for each role type. The Product-led Growth: Evaluators Playbook is a great place to start for the type of content you should create. 

For targeting the flow, in the Audience section find the salesforce property we connected for their department/role. And because this is for onboarding, you'll want to include targeting (possibly through a segment) for new users.

Publish, and let the onboarding begin!

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